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Theodore Agnick Is a Nationally Recognized Attorney

Theodore A. Agnick is a nationally recognized attorney who has appeared on Court T.V.  His law firm DOES NOT accept typical results.  Theodore A. Agnick has 20 years of experience to put to work on behalf of his clients.  Attorneys recognize Theodore A. Agnick as an attorney who works diligently on his client cases and is well prepared when appearing in court on behalf of his clients.  Theodore A. Agnick’s greatest reward are the compliments he receives from his clients when their case is finished.

Ted’s Message to you:

As an attorney practicing for many years, I am aware most people who find themselves in the legal systems are confused and often scared.  I understand they need to communicate with a person that will be straight forward and honest with them.  Let’s face it, you are coming to a lawyer for legal advice and representation on a matter of the utmost importance in your life.
My staff is aware of this, so we strive to communicate respectfully with our clients and keep them informed.

Of course, our main goal and the very reason my law firm exists is to get the best results for our clients.  Our best days and the things that make all my staff happy is achieving extraordinary results for our clients.  We have the experience and systems in place to do those things for you.  And we do it with integrity and respect for you.

Theodore Agnick, P.C. is a powerful criminal defense law firm that is everything but stereotypical; even before you retain our services, you will quickly understand that “business as usual” has no place in this firm.

We pride ourselves on not accepting typical results. Our integrity and knowledgeable early intervention Gets Results. Our mission is to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We do this by working harder, smarter and more aggressively to force the prosecution to get off its “business as usual” attitude and prove their case 100%. We will not settle for anything less.

We work closely with our clients, understanding their needs and special circumstances, and by applying the most resourceful and aggressive strategies with the most appropriate legal representation. All of this is accomplished while maintaining the highest degree of integrity; we simply do what we say we will do.

There is no substitute for hard work. Our firm utilizes all of its resources to get the best results for our clients. Applying experience, knowledge, integrity and hard work has resulted in our firm achieving superior results for our clients. For examples, please see our Case Results page.

While working on getting you the best result possible, we will also give you our personal attention. We are here to answer your questions and eliminate as much of the uncertainty and discomfort as possible. We will guide you through the system by keeping you informed, returning your calls and answering your questions, so you can make informed decisions.

Call or e-mail our firm now and take advantage of our offer for a free initial consultation which will provide you with advice and guidance in your difficult situation. That’s what we’re here for. Contact us to speak with a Lawyer.

Theodore A. Agnick P.C. offers services in Criminal Defense, Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy and Personal Injury.

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