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Attorney Debt Settlement

Unlike other debt settlement attorneys we work directly with our clients to determine their best options.  It may be that Debt Settlement is the way to go, or not.  Either way you will have the benefit of a licensed attorney providing legal advice, something that most lawyers cannot do.  Your lawyer will work directly on your behalf with your creditors to strike the best deal possible.  We will secure the deal to provide you with the greatest legal protection possible in the event that a dishonest creditor attempts to re-age or in other words begin collection activity down the road.

Debt Litigation

If the debt has made its way through the collection process and is now at the lawsuit stage call us as soon as possible!  We have worked with almost all of the local creditor law firms.  Furthermore, if the debt is invalid or if you otherwise have a good defense it may be best to actively defend the debt on your behalf.  Likewise, if a creditor has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act we may also be able to provide professional advice and guidance.

If litigation is necessary and is your best option we are willing and able to assist.

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